Journal: Film

The Greatest Dolly Shot Ever

Thanks for passing this on, Pop:



Snow Day

SAVANT shoot


Fashion Week NYC

Dark & Stormy

Made it out of the Bermuda Triangle alive. The shoot went very well—good laughs, interesting content and nice people. I'll post a link once the videos go live.

In the meantime, a few observations about Bermuda:

Bermuda Triangle

Well, it's official—I'm headed to Bermuda next week to shoot for Voyage TV.

As You Like It

I've got a hot date with the lovely @bodine this evening—going to check out the Sam Mendes version of 'As You Like It' at BAM.

Back On The Grid

After 2 weeks of R+R down on the farm we're back in Brooklyn and ready to rumble—2010 away we go! Lots of exciting projects coming down the pike. Some, years in the making, will finally be released this year.