The Greatest Dolly Shot Ever

Thanks for passing this on, Pop:


The Analog Way: a recent letter to friends

Greetings Musical Chums!

Hope the Spring is unfolding in a wonderful way for you all. I'm writing to let you know that I've done something that was either very smart or totally ridiculous. Probably somewhere in the middle—but you be the judge...


Snow Day

SAVANT shoot


Fashion Week NYC

Robert Wyatt—A Sunday In Madrid


Just discovered this particular Robert Wyatt track today. Love it very much. In a way it lays out a blueprint for The Beta Band—to my ears at least...

Pretty Much All I Want To Hear Right Now

Thanks for such beautiful music, Beach House. Very disciplined. Just gorgeous.

Dark & Stormy

Made it out of the Bermuda Triangle alive. The shoot went very well—good laughs, interesting content and nice people. I'll post a link once the videos go live.

In the meantime, a few observations about Bermuda: