The Ted Haggard Monologues

SYNOPSIS: A mega-church pastor is outed on television by his gay prostitute lover (and meth dealer), and America's most religious family is under siege. Adapted from an award-winning one-man play, THE TED HAGGARD MONOLOGUES, directed by Alexis Boling, is based on the true story of the Ted Haggard sex (and drugs) scandal. Through nine characters, some real and some fictional—all played by writer Michael Yates Crowley—we follow the Haggards as they react to the news and confront their own buried desires. Painfully funny and awkwardly beautiful, they pray for understanding, vengeance, or simply a boyfriend. In the end, they forgive Ted Haggard—because, as one family member says, "Want is simple, and I think that makes it American, and I know it is right."